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Happy New Year Elaborate Transformers!

As we say good bye to 2011 we also say good bye to the weight that so easily beset us in 2011!  We now press on to lighter, brighter, healthier days!

I take this time to say thank you to all of you – My Elaborate Transformers! –  that locked arms with me for a healthier you!  You have hung in there and now you can sing “Auld Lang Syne” to the many pounds you released in 2011 that you will never see again!  You could have chosen another route, yet you allowed me to help assist you!

Thank you Elaborate Transformers!

You have given testimony of wowing doctors who had never seen your blood pressure come to normal levels, you have wowed doctors who had never seen your cholesterol levels come to normal levels, you have wowed doctors who anticipated obesity to take you away from here!  You said not so, by simply taking natural supplements, eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and drinking wholesome water.  My hat is off to you!  I congratulate you all for a job well done!

I myself have personally lost 35 pounds and have maintained the weight loss for almost a year.  January 25, 2012 will be the anniversary date of my start with our Detox Products.  I have never been able to eat what I like, take natural supplements, bathe in tightening and toning herbs and drink wholesome water and still maintain weight loss.  Before this program, I was doomed to yo-yo.

We have  a lot of new thing’a in store for you in 2012!  The name of INSANE product line has been changed to The Signature Skinny Line.  The products you formerly knew as INSANE and INSANE AMP’D has been changed to POLLEN and AMP’D.  We know that the products we offer you are from God and never would he give us anything that is going to make us lose our minds.  It’s the weight itself that is INSANE and the only thing HE wants us to lose.

We also now have Skinny QEES to Beauty Body Wrap (c), Skinny QEES to Beauty Invis-A-Wrap (c), Skinny QEES to Beauty Bath & Body Products:  Bath Soak, Bath & Shower Scrub, and Tightening Cream/Lotion.  Testimonies continue to come in regarding the effectiveness of these all natural products, with inch loss from 2 – 6 inches in as little as 45 minutes.

We now also have Skinny pH Alkalizing X2O Water sachets to infuse your water with health and vitality.  It has been scientifically proven that no sickness or disease can live in a pH balanced body, not Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, HIV or AIDS.

The product line we now offer continues to give you “3 Steps to Transformation” as we continue to “Empower You to Heal”, and in order to continue to provide excellent customer service and to reach more people and touch more lives with these life changing products we have now added 2 new Distributors, who are also training as Health Coaches as well.  Help me welcome, D. Sharee Scott and Melvin “Junie” Darden to the Elab Team!

We now have weekly and monthly meetings to provide you with help, one on one support and full understanding of the products.  As well as, Customer Hosted Skinny Parties!  Weekly news letters will go out to keep you informed!

If you would like to host your very own Skinny Party please contact our office at  (888) 560-5952, Monday- Friday from 10AM-7PM and Saturday from 10AM – 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you for a wonderful first year in your service!

Happy New Year!

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